Statutory Cancellation Right

You have the statutory right to cancel your order for any reason within 14 days beginning with the day you receive the goods. You must inform us in written form, e.g. by letter, fax or e-mail, of your decision to cancel your order. When you receive the goods purchased within this 14 days, you can also cancel the contract by sending back the goods. The 14 days cancellation period starts after your receipt of this instruction, but not until you received the goods (for recurring deliveries, of similar goods, not until the entry of the first partial delivery), as well as not until we fulfilled our duty to inform according to Article 246 (2) in conjunction with the first and second sentence of Article 246 (1) EGBGB plus our duties according to the first sentence of Paragraph 312g (1) in conjunction with Article 246 (3) EGBGB.