About us

1951 Foundation of the company Voigtlaender by Mr. Hans Voigtlaender in Stuttgart on the first of June 1951. Main focus of the product range was

         consumables for securing of evidence.

1985 Family Buchmeier took over the company. The product range was enlarged by the construction and sales of forensic devices.

2007 Continuation of the company Voigtlaender under the direction of Mr. Dieter Meister.

2010 Change of legal form to GmbH.

2020 Construction of an additional hall of 1500 sqm for production and storage at the location Blumberg-Riedböhringen.

2021 Relocation of device production (Stuttgart) into the new hall at Blumberg-Riedböhringen.

2022 With corporate power at the common location Voigtlaender produce and distribute consumables for police and forensic demands, construct and maintain             forensic devices for evidence and assemble examination and blood-sampling kits.